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Hello, and welcome back to the Lakewood BaCC! This time, it's time to visit the Curious family again, and it seems that the rotation starts with a nice evening meal with Pascal and two of his daughters.

Nervous, who's been hard at work with the Bug Nut bonus, needs a relaxing bath. The hobby leader lady came to announce that he'd maximized his enthusiasm in Nature, but she couldn't get to greet him as Nervous had remembered to lock the bathroom door.

He got the plaque anyway, and it joined Pascal's Tinkering plaque on the wall.

Today is again a special day for the Curious family, as it's time for the middle daugter, Odessa, to grow into a teenager. It's conveniently also the first day of autumn, so we can use this excuse to throw the obligatory party for the season.

Once the birthday girl is done taking a nap, that is.


Pascal does the inviting, but Odessa gets to invite a couple of her own friends. It's her birthday, after all.

Among the invitees is Bailey the Leader of the Pack, because Pascal is still working on the werewolf thing. It doesn't seem that John Burb is too happy about the guest list.

Right as the guests are arriving, Bonita snags her 8th charisma skill point. That makes for three skill scholarships total. Which means that if she can maintain her good grades for the grade scholarship and has the want to go to college, she can! Technically, my wording seems to say that it's enough that she "has rolled the want", which she has, so it's really up to the grades. But really, neither grades nor wanting is likely to be a problem for a Knowledge sim, anyway.

Cornwall, what are you doing?

Cornwall: "Oh, nothing, nothing."

Also, it seems that even with my hack giving kids longer curfews, the party started too late and Bottom had to go right away, plus Cassandra had to take her.

Pascal got a little bit of time with Bailey the wolf. Before he scared off any other guests. Bailey, not Pascal. Pascal isn't very scary.

Cornwall, what are you doing?

Nervous: "Fancy meeting you here, Cornwall. All alone in the yard."

Cornwall: "Err yeah. I was just... admiring your yard decoration. Yeah, that's all."

The birthday girl decided to watch tv with some of the guests.

Her younger sister though, was so exhausted that she snuck off to bed before even having any cake. I didn't have the heart to wake her.

Everyone else gathered around in the kitchen, though.


Alright, Odessa, let's do this thing!

Your Daddies are cheering for you, too.

And there she goes! Looking good, Odessa. Even the outfit could be worse, but in any case, we'll look into getting you something new tomorrow.

Odessa: "Yeah don't worry about him. That's just Bailey, Dad's getting to know him."

After the cake, Pascal and Nervous snuck off to the bedroom. Hey, you two. If you get one of you pregnant, that one is on you. You already have the three kids required in the rules.

Meanwhile, the guests entertained themselves upstairs.

Phew, no babies on the way!

Everyone else seemed to have a good time, but Romeo Monty wasn't impressed with Reese Capp trying to compliment him.



Also, I have no idea what was up with Vidcund Curious, but he just showed up and was clearly upset with Nervous. Nervous had the option to "pay him off", so I tried that. I've no idea why, as I don't remember the two of them arguing or anything, and I don't think Nervous has had time to spy on Vidcund either. Oh well, whatever floats his boat I guess.

Regardless, the party was a good time, even if the birthday girl snuck off to bed a little bit before it ended.

Sigh. I was sooo proud of having watched the gnome like a hawk for the duration of the party, and then in the middle of the night, while everyone was asleep, Vidcund snuck on the lot and stole it anyway!

The next morning started with teaching little Octavia to study.

Meanwhile, Odessa headed to the Walmart to buy a cell phone and some teen appropriate clothes.

Ophelia, the only other teen on the lot at the time, was of the opinion that Odessa was already dressed just great.

Back at home we found out that little Octavia's OTH was Fitness.

Odessa got her makeover now that she had some clothes, and yes, she's quite pretty. She rolled Family/Fortune, and she likes male, blond-haired plantsims, but not so much if they have glasses.


While the girls were at school, Nervous was hard at work both in the house and in the garden.

He managed to finish Pascal's portrait and we put it on the wall next to his own. I quite like how it turned out.

When noon rolled around, Pascal got to help by fixing the broken stuff.

The two teens came home, and they brought a neighbor with them, Reese Capp from accross the street.

Dammit, Odessa, your Dad just fixed that sink an hour ago!

To take a break from the sinks and stuff, Pascal and Nervous headed out to Curious Gadgets for a bit.

In fact, they didn't even open the store. Nervous found the peace to look for bugs, and Pascal worked on his robotics badge.


Nervous had both bad and good luck: on the one hand, he got chased by bees (again), but on the other hand he found another bug. That makes it only three missing bugs before the collection is complete.


Pascal had good luck: he finally gained his gold robotics badge. That's halfway through for that goal for this generation!


While he was at it, he also got started on a Servo, as Nervous was still busy with the bug hunting.

Back at home, we had Dirk Dreamed for a walkby. Pascal was free and got to greet him.


Regan showed up as well, and Pascal happily greeted his old friend.

Bonita and Reese were still keeping each other company.


As for Octavia, she got her first A+ and also brought home a neighbor, Dora Fortunato.

Octavia: "Look, Daddy, I got an A+!"

Nervous: "That's nice, honey. Now go do something fun, alright? Like, uh, somewhere else?"

Octavia went for the piano, and that's where Pascal found her when he came out the bedroom.

Nervous has wants to raise the level of Club Flamingo, plus according to the rules we aren't supposed to let it sit anyway. So Nervous headed for a quick session.

Fun was had by everyone, even though the General was a bit on the judgemental side.

He then proceeded to show off his own superiorr dance skills.

At least the DJ has gained some experience by now and can actually play music without embarassing himself.

After a relatively uneventful session, we headed back home, where Octavia and Dora were getting along quite nicely. Actually, to the point of friendship that was mututally wanted.

Odessa and Dirk? Not so good, apparently.

Whenever you might be wondering what Nervous is doing, well this is the answer.

In the morning, Odessa helped with the garden. It gains her fun, plus the parents are usually quite busy.

Meanwhile, Bonita was rushed outside to greet the paper girl. She has a big fat want to fall in love, so we're looking for a girlfriend for her. It doesn't seem like the paper girl is very interested, though.

In the afternoon, Bonita brought Melody Tinker as her school bus friend. Now Melody has a kind of a mean sim reputation, and she's given trouble to my playables before, so I was curious and perhaps a bit wary of the situation.


But it seems that she wasn't about to make Bonita cry, to the contrary.


The two of them have two natural bolts and acted kind of stalkerish on their own.

Meanwhile, Pascal worked on Bonita's portrait, as the Family Scrapbook bonus demands that we have portraits of everyone who's ever lived in the house. So better get to it before the girls are ready for college!

While the girls were busy with their after-school activities, Pascal and Nervous headed to Club Flamingo, where we were going to...
Pascal: "... rock out!"

Sorry Pascal, that's mostly reserved for the clients here.

If it's any consolation, you can be the DJ.

Pascal: "Well, I suppose that beats what Nervous is doing right now."

Yeah, I'd definitely say so, Pascal.


Apparently Daniel F. still leads an interesting life. Well, that got us to level 5 and by making one of the town grumps like the business so hey!



Otherwise it was mostly the usual hijinks and a lot of karaoke.

The highlight of the trip was Nervous catching his 28th bug. Only two more to go!


We headed back home, where Odessa was apparently enough into chess that she maximized her logic skill.


Pascal went back to the easel and managed to finish Bonita's portrait. I quite like how it turned out.

Melody was still around, and she became the first sim to discover the flamingoes and kick them.

She straightened them up herself, too, but I think she probably stole the gnome when I wasn't looking.



It was maybe a little late for the gnome, but Bonita went out to distract Melody, and the both of them seemed to enjoy it, as they spent the rest of the evening on the sidewalk.


Quite a successful evening for Bonita, I'd say.


Pascal and Nervous spent the evening mostly in their usual activities.


Nervous did kindly go and steal back the gnome, too.

The next morning, the skilling stuff went on as usual.

Pascal got his turn in gardening the few plots that the family has, and he gained a bronze badge.

Consort: "Mehehee, I'm all sneaky and no one is going to notice me stealing the newspaper."

Sure you are, Consort, sure you are.

When noon rolled around, it was again time to fix the broken stuff that had been leaking water all over the place.



That afternoon, all of the girls brought school bus friends with them.

Apparently Lauren Davidson and Reina Capp kept each other entertained while the youg hostesses were otherwise occupied.

I tried to have Nervous take a hike in the hopes of him catching a bug while there, but he only looked at birds.

So, to get some more bug hunting time, we headed to Club Flamingo.

As always, there was some townie romance going on, this time by Lucy Burb and Cornwall Capp.

We can call Nervous' session at the business successful: he caught a butterfly. That means he only has ONE more to catch. Now I'm a bit nervous, seeing that due to a Maxis bug, the last butterfly is actually uncatchable in an unmodded game, but I have a Cyjon hack that should fix that. Now we're putting that one to a test!

Nervous was still putting away his bug jar when Erin gave us the star that took the business to level 6. So all in all, not a bad night!

When we headed home, it was time to make some late lunch (or early dinner?) for all the school kids hanging around.
Also, sorry Lauren, Reina is not into girls.

After the meal, Octavia kept company for Dominick by the tv.

The older kids hung out in the kitchen, for the most part.

After the guests left, there were still chores to be done, mostly of the not very surprising kind.

For the girls, that of course meant skilling. Bonita discovered that she likes Science.

It turns out that my sneaky plan to catch the last bug by hiking didn't work again. Nervous would have caught a bug, except he already had that one.

Pascal works on his magic whenever he has the time. This time he made something new: a wall lamp. Quite pretty, I'd say.

Pascal is also the one with the best mechanical skill in the family, so he's the one we trusted to fix the computer when noon hit.

Bonita and Odessa still quite enjoy chess, enough to maximize logic for Bonita too.

In the evening, we had more skilling and some phone time.

Pascal: "I can't believe how time flies. It feels like yesterday we were potty training you, and now you're almost a teenager too."

Octavia: "One more day!"

Pascal is now working on Odessa's portrait, too. And that window does something funny to the canvas when taking pictures. The painting is actually fine though.

No need to tell you how Nervous spent his night.

The next day was Saturday, so Bonita got to go on a date. She and Melody seemed to be quite interested in each other, and Bonita had the power want to fall in love, so I decided to see if they'd continue to come along.


Well, they did, and didn't need any persuasion either.

And yes, there were red hearts and red hands. Bonita was over the moon.

There was also puch you punch me, and I had my doubts whether that would be smart, but to my surprise, Melody didn't hit hard. I thought mean sims always end up hitting hard in the end!

All in all, the date was a great success.

After a quick stop at home, it was time for Odessa and Nervous to head out instead. I had a sneaky plan where we get to work on the business and while getting practice, Odessa meets boys.

Odessa: "I'd prefer them a bit younger, really."

Yeah, sorry. Didn't say the plan worked that great.

Yep, as always when looking for teenagers, all you get is adults and elders.

Odessa: "Yeah, don't mind him, that's just Dad. The bees are after him, not us."

Antonio Monty: "I don't approve of the man in the grey shirt AT ALL."

Odessa: "Who, Dad? Well too bad for you, as it happens he OWNS this place."

But it wasn't all bad: at least Odessa learned something about sales.

When we headed back home, Pascal coveniently finished Odessa's portrait. Only Octavia's to go this generation, and that'll have to wait until she's a teenager. So actually, until tonight or so.


Bonita wasn't the only one who got a date that day: the Daddies needed an aspiration boost too, but they did theirs at home.

Needless to say, the date was a success.

After that, it was time to get little Octavia's aspiration up for her birthday. Conveniently, that could be accomplished easily by making best friends with Donte Fortunato.

Then, Daddy Pascal got to pick up the phone. Time for Octavia's birthday and at that, the official party of Winter.

It seems the party got off to a good start.

But first things first, we gotta get Octavia grown up!


Alright, let's get this thing done!

Last moments as a child...

... and the first as a teen. Octavia, like her sisters, grew up great.

It seeems that the aspiring Criminal Mastermind of the town has a reputation to live up to.

Not sure what Cassandra's excuse is, though.

Regan & Cassandra: "Curses! Powerless against the power of Call over!"

Regan & Cassandra: "Whee, dancing!"

Of course, after all that warding effort, I lost to a kid. Bugger.

But the party was Good Time anyway, so the overall result is positive.


And yet that same night, Nervous took care of the missing gnome issue.

In the morning, Odessa and Octavia headed out together. Octavia to look for some nice clothes, and Odessa to hopefully meet some boys.

The clothes shopping went fine, we even remembered to buy a cell phone.


The boy meeting on the other hand... Well she did technically MEET them, right?

Don't tell Odessa, but really, Octavia did a much better job on giving a nice first impression.

Hey hey! Ripp doesn't actually hate everything Odessa says! Maybe all is not lost for our girl yet!

Here's Octavia after her makeover. Not bad huh? Anyway, stats upcoming!

Octavia rolled Popularity/Pleasure for her aspiration, and her LTW is to become an Icon. She randomized bi, and her turn ons are Underwear and Jewellery, and her turn off is Great Cook.

Nervous went on another hike. No bugs, but apparently you can meet someone new too, like the paper girl. Never seen that before.
Alright, Nervous. Since that sneaky plan didn't work, we'll do a business session today after lunch.

Speaking of lunch, today was a kind of a special occasion: everyone was at the table at the same time. It gets pretty rare in a household of this size.

After lunch, we headed out with Nervous and Odessa, as planned. Almost right away, I saw this. Nervous, can that be...

Yes it can! The last missing bug, Nervous has all 30! I can't believe it, hooray!

This also means that the mod does work and they are all collectable. Which is nice.


As for Odessa, she didn't have much luck meeting kids of her age again. She did sell enough tickets to gain a silver talent badge, though.

Nervous got to relax in the hot tub, because I was so very pleased with him.


Back at home, Oberon Summerdream had invited himself in, and headed for the flamingoes. I was suspicious, but it seems he was just interested in viewing them. I did send Pascal out to talk to him just in case.

We proudly displayed Nervous' bug box on the wall.

After dinner, Nervous got to relax a little bit in front of the tv, as he's earned it.

There's no resting on any laurels, though. In order to make some points here, each heir and spouse need to make their robotics gold badges, so it's high time Nervous got started on his. There was space in the old nursery, so we bought a bench and placed it there. There's of course already one in Curious Gadgets, but now they can practice at home too.

Bonita rolled the want for a bronze badge, so she got to give it a go, too.

Monday morning, so the last half a day left. Pascal and Nervous decided to enjoy each other's company while the girls were at school.

That wasn't for long, though. We'd mostly worked on Club Flamingo this time around, so it was time to head to Curious Gadgets on the last day.

Nervous mostly took care of the store while Pascal was tied to the robot bench – he's working on a servo. Nervous was so hardworking that he gained the silver badge on restocking.

Pascal did occasionally show up to boost the spirits of others with his magic skills.

It looks like Antonio Monty doesn't like Nervous much, and the feeling is mutual. No idea what caused it, but the town's seen its share of disagreements. Well, best just to steer clear of Antonio at least for now.

The other customers don't seem to mind Nervous at all, and they enjoy the business, eh, in their own ways.

Pascal has worked hard and now it's paid off: we have a servo! He packed it into his inventory to take home.

The reporter showed up again, and once again he liked the business. Most businesses in town have multiple Best of the Best Awards by now.


Back at home, Pascal and Nervous got to work on their next goals. Nervous works on his robotics (gaining a bronze badge) and Pascal on the final portrait of the generation: Octavia's.


Meanwhile, the girls had a guest to entertain. Reina Capp came home with them on the school bus, so they keep company for her of course.

That, and paying the taxes are the final tasks of the week. Initiating our new servo can wait until next week, as I don't yet have a plan for him or her. Besides, this update has definitely been long enough. Sorry about that!
Anyway, now it's time for our current scores. First, the BaCC:

Playable sims: 26
SM: 14
Population: 364

Households: 7
CAS sims: 3 placed / 20 earned
Community lots: 10 businesses + 1 free = 11


Lakewood Recreation Center (Lizzie Davidson, level 10)
Yummy! (Regan Capp, level 9)
Curious Gadgets (Pascal Curious, level 10)
Variety Buffet (Daniel Fortunato, level 10)
Face the Music (Ajay Davidson, level 3)
Better Dressed Sims (Jenny Capp, level 1)
Club Flamingo (Nervous Curious, level 6)
It's Art (Daniel Pleasant, level 6)
Pretty Pretty Flowers (William Trollson, level 4)
The Dance District (Lizzie Davidson, level 5)

Other community lots:

Lakewood Walmart (general store)


Business: Unlocked! / 1 taken (William Trollson, level 5)
Medical: Unlocked!
Architecture: 2 openings / 1 taken (Jenny Capp, level 8)
Culinary: 1 opening / 1 taken (Brandi Broke, level 4)
Criminal: 1 opening / 1 taken (Regan Capp, level 6)
Music: Unlocked! / 1 taken (Ajay Davidson, level 7)
Slacker: 1 opening / 1 taken (Bella Goth, level 5)
Education: 1 opening / 0 taken
Artist: 1 opening / 0 taken
Dance: 1 opening / 1 taken (Lizzie Davidson, level 4)

Business Tycoons: 1 (Ajay Davidson)

Universities: 1 (privately funded, founded by Lizzie Davidson)
Business Districts: 1
Downtown: no

Fires: 2
Burglaries: 2
Electrocutions: 2

Taxes collected from this household: 168,000*0.05 + 50,000*0.05 (for level 10 business) + 30,000*0.05 (for level 6 business) = 12,400 simoleans*

Taxes collected total: 92,900 + 12,400 = 105,300 simoleans at 5% rate

* I round both the net worths and the results so as to make calculations and keeping track of payments easier.


Then, the OWBC:
Still, the tentative total remains at three (for obtaining an alien). We're close to getting another tentative 3 though.

That's all for this household, thank you for reading and welcome back next time, when it's time for the Fortunato Pure Entrepreneur challenge. Until then, happy simming!

Date: 2017-09-09 07:30 pm (UTC)
scribal_goddess: (Default)
From: [personal profile] scribal_goddess
You can get bugs from hiking? *fervishly jots down* (I have 5 bugs left for my natural scientist and it is DRIVING ME BATTY.)

Also, the girls grew up great! You're going to have a hard time keeping a gnome around when Nervous dies though...

Date: 2017-09-25 04:45 pm (UTC)
simlili: (Bill Bailey)
From: [personal profile] simlili
Oh my God, Cyjon's mod actually works, I had pretty much given up hope! I always get the message about the sim already having that bug, so I thought the mod didn't work after all. But now I'm going to hunt those insects with renewed enthousiasm.

Great update, I'm glad you reblogged the link because when it was first posted, I bookmarked and... forgot about it. My excuse is that I am between internet providers and have a horrible connection these days.

I voted Odessa, I hope we're allowed to say? All three girls are cute, and Bonita is a beautiful alien, but Odessa has something special.

Date: 2017-10-09 12:58 am (UTC)
esmeiolanthe: (Default)
From: [personal profile] esmeiolanthe
Hi Katri! I'm very sorry that I am late commenting: I got a cold that turned into a double ear infection, with ruptured eardrum and side order of bronchitis. I am feeling much better now, and am able to read and comment.

Can you really invite the Leader of the Pack, or was that a glitch/sign of corruption? (Or a bit of narrative license?)

No, Pascal is not very scary. :)

Gee, Cornwall is sure persistent, isn't he?

Are Vidcund and Pascal related in this hood? Perhaps Vidcund just doesn't like his brother-in-law, because he's kind of a jerk anyway?

Odessa's going to have toruble finding a blond plantsim, isn't she?

Yes, those portraits came out lovely!

That's nice that Octavia and Dora are getting along so well. :)

Hmmm, Bonita and Melody. Interesting... Do you plan spouses or follow wants/bolts/ACR?

I would say that if the Cyjon hack doesn't work, you should count the collection as complete anyway. You can't help Maxis bugs... I mean glitches.

Oh, it worked. Even better! :)

Great update! I will vote in the poll now, if it's still up. That might help your tie.

Date: 2017-10-09 12:59 am (UTC)
esmeiolanthe: (Default)
From: [personal profile] esmeiolanthe
Okay, I can't find it. At any rate, I vote for Octavia.

Date: 2019-02-10 06:49 pm (UTC)
skyburned: Woman in the rain (Default)
From: [personal profile] skyburned
I'm a couple of years late for voting! The girls are all growing up so cute - a LOT of girls!


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