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Hello, and welcome back to Lakewood: Just a BaCC! It's been a bit since the last update, but let's dive right in shall we? It's time for the Fortunato Pure Entrepreneur challenge, and it seems that we have a visitor right now. Lazlo Curious takes care of entertaining the oldest of generation 2, Donte.

Meanwhile, the secondborn, Dora, practices her chess and one of their Dads, Daniel P., works on his painting. He owns an art gallery, so that's why. Plus also he really likes painting, as you can see from the Zone.

The other Dad, Daniel F., is there too. He takes care that everyone is well fed. He's into Grilled Cheese himself (secondary aspiration), but can make a mean spaghetti as well.

While the kids were having dinner, Daniel P. took care of the family's garden. Honestly, I'd forgotten that I got them one, but as the point of this challenge is to make as money as possible, I suppose it makes sense to try and grow your own food.

Dora: "Daddyyyy, I need homework help..."

Daniel F.: "In a minute honey, we're having an interesting discussion about burglars here."


Of course, she got her homework help.


Meanwhile, Donte collected aspiration by earning logic skill points.

Lazlo: "Man, I wonder what's up with the burglar in this town."
Daniel P.: "Oh yeah?"
Lazlo: "Yeah. I mean, first there were two burglaries in close succession, but now it's been forever and the burglar hasn't been seen at all."
She probably knows we'd open a career position for the third burglary and get actual alarms too...


After Lazlo has gone home and the kids are off to bed, the Daniels work on their creative pursuits. Daniel F. wants his gold badge for flower arrangement and he probably isn't that far away. He's also got quite a stack of wildflower bouquets in his inventory, maybe he'll open a flower shop next, I'm not sure yet. As for Daniel P., while at home, he's working on Daniel F.'s portrait.

Daniel P. wasn't tired at all, so he stayed up until like 2 am, at which point I told him to go to bed so he wouldn't mess his sleep schedule entirely. Just as he pulled the covers over his head, look who showed up!
*does victory dance and marks third burglary plus Law Enforcement position on the score sheet* Alarms, here we come!
Burglar: "You're oddly happy to see me."

Daniel, Daniel, get up!
Daniel P.: "You just told me to go to bed. *grumble*"
Yeah, sorry, but there's a burglar on the lot, and you're less tired than Daniel F.
Daniel P.: "A burglar? Eek! Our posessions!"


Daniel P.: "Please come quickly, there's someone sneaking on the front lawn!"


Officer: "Fret not, the Law is here! Where's the burglar?"
Just inside the front door.

Burglar: "What to take, what to take... Oh you've got to be kidding me, I just got inside!"
I guess a big front lawn is useful for something.

A battle ensued of course. A good thing about not having alarms is I suppose that my sims were able to sleep through it, without the alarm blasting them all awake.
... and now that I typed that, I remember that a car alarm is awesome in that it a) starts when the burglar enters the lot and b) won't wake sims inside. The Fortunatos have a car, so we should definitely get one.

Once again, the law was victorious.

Burglar: "Curses, foiled again!"

The kind officer let Dora know that all is well in the world again. Well thanks, but really she slept through the whole thing and has no idea what you're talking about.


The second the officer had escorted the burglar off the lot and I could access buy mode again, I of course got us some alarms. It's such a nice step forward to be able to have them! Now I only need to remember to buy them for the rest of the households.

In the morning, we were reminded that there are still plenty of things to unlock, such as repair services when the toilet clogs. Well, one step at a time.

Someone has to feed the kids too, and for that there's no unlockable service, either.

After Donte and Dora left for school, the parents had the day to themselves. Of course, first things were attended to first.

It was Tuesday again, so it was time for the mailman to stop by and give us a nice little bonus for our green energy production. Reminds me to buy more solar panels when we can afford it.

Another reminder for me: Daniel F. was too busy to have just about any dates last week, so it's really time for him to step up his game if he is to ever reach permanent platinum.

Well, in any case, there was another thing that needed attending: Daniel P.'s art gallery business. Because well, this challenge is all about the money. So far the family hasn't been hugely successful at making it, but it's been a start. Anyway, stop smooching you two and get to work!


So to work they got. Daniel F. mostly took care of the selling, and being nice to the reporter of course.


Meanwhile, Daniel P. painted in the back room, in the hope that one day he'd have accumulated enough paintings so that he could put them up for sale in the gallery. One can only hope.

I've lost count on how many times I've had to say this in this BaCC: damn it Consort!

Daniel P.: "I'm sorry sir, but I just can't have you bothering my customers, especially not the reporter, so I'm going to have to ask you to leave. Have a good day."

It seems that the reporter appreciated the shop owner shooing away the sim that was bothering him, we got another reward! Another thing that I say all the time in this challenge: we really lucked out with the reporter.

All in all, we didn't make a huge amount of simoleans, but we made some, and customers liked the gallery, so it was a success. Also Daniel P. met some canonical family members.
Mary Sue: "Hmm, so your name is Pleasant, too? That's such a coincidence! I like your name, so maybe I will by this painting from you."


After the business session, we had an agenda: Daniel P. had a private school want, and it's beneficial, so a headmaster visit was in order.

Before that, the schoolday in public school ended, and the kids brought home Jeff Broke from the neighboring Trailer Park challenge.

Also, I didn't get a notification, but it seems that Donte got his first A+ that day. Well done Donte!

Daniel P. and Dora worked in the garden, trying to get it into a presentable state before the headmaster arrived.

Daniel F. was sent outside too, to be ready for the headmaster, and work on his relationships for potential future date. He also gained the family a bit of money by getting a networking gift of a tv.

In the end, it was Daniel P. who was available when the headmaster arrived, so he got to do the entertaining.

The tour was a success of course, the house is quite nice at this point. Although I do think I accidentally ended the tour early with a misclick, so we didn't get quite full points.

I guess the tasty spaghetti and meatballs made up for it, though, at least judging by the speed at which the headmaster devoured them?

After dinner, we were a little bit short on points, so we resorted to espresso for 10 extra points.

That worked well, and in the end both Donte and Dora were fingergunned into private school.


That night, Daniel P. finished Daniel F.'s portrait and we hung it on the wall. Nice. He of course immediately started working on his own portrait next.

In the morning, after the kids were sent to school and the garden was tended to, Daniel F. got to work again with his LTW and made a date call. Actually, several, because apparently not everyone is available at all times.

So, back to Lakewood Walmart it was. Daniel's first date #19 was Antonio Monty, with zero bolts. I'm guessing Antonio is straight, but fortunately for Daniel, it doesn't prevent him from accepting a date invitation.

There was woohoo during the date.

Not between Daniel and Antonio though!

There was some tickling, anyway, and that seemed to be fun.


But later on, the two of them were both distracted by the other possibilities that the store offered.

Daniel also had a chat with another possible future date, Florence Delarosa.

Regardless, it was a pretty nice date, a little too nice since it made Daniel try to get a little closer than Antonio would have appreciated. Well, that's one more completed.

Afterwards, Daniel chatted with an old friend, Cornwall, who was also one of his dates.

Apparently Antonio was busy buing pickpocketed at the time.

Daniel also chatted to some potential future dates in the game area, and got two job offers too. Neither of which he could take, because that's a no no in a Pure Entrepreneur challenge.


After he headed home, it was again back to their creative pursuits for both of the Daniels.

In fact, they'd both spent so much time at it, that they now had their max level hobby plaques. Daniel F. just got his during that afternoon.

That day it was also time for Dora to get her first A+ grade.


The kids are fortunately able to entertain each other while their daddies were busy with their creative stuff. And nothing gains fun as quickly as red hands!


They were a little more tired than usual, so I sat them down on the couch with a book, so they wouldn't sneak off to bed and mess up their sleep schedule.


So, with the kids occupied, Daniel P. was able to finish his own portrait, and it joined Daniel F.'s on the wall.

As for Daniel F., he did need to mess up his sleep schedule. You see, after his 19th first date, he rolled the want for a 20th, but couldn't immediately fullfill it. The want was worth 10,000 aspiration points, so I locked it for him when he got home. But he still had the 5,000 point want for a gold badge want on flower arrangement, too, and I didn't want that to go away either. So he was going to drink espresso and pull an all-nighter to finally finish that badge, because if he sleeps, it's going to go away.

Daniel P. got to help, by keeping Daniel F. company as he drank espresso: drinking espresso boosts energy all the time as long as the sim is still drinking from it, even during breaks. So the longer the drinking takes, the more energy it restores. By chatting to Daniel P. about the recent burglary, Daniel F. filled his energy bar almost to the max.

Daniel P. also wanted to help by tucking in the kids while Daniel F. worked on the flowers. Aww.

And in the end, towards the morning, Daniel F. made it! He now has a gold badge, and he's able to make any kind of flowers. Not to mention he has almost a hundred wildflower bouquets in his inventory now. Maybe the next business should be a flower store.

Another morning, another school day for the kids. Now it's just in uniforms.

The Daniels in turn got to work on the garden. I hadn't even remembered how much the plants produce weeds when they're under the open sky.

It's Thursday, so the family gets a little bit of money from the mailman again. Good, good.

Daniel F. needed some more sleep, so he stayed home when Daniel P. headed for a session at the art gallery. Another pair of hands would have been of help, but with the help of Ophelia, he managed.

Apparently, the art gallery is now the hottest teen hangout in town somehow?

After the actual session, Daniel P. stayed for a little while to paint some more. He now has 10 finished paintings in his inventory, so we have the beginnings of a nice stock to sell. I think we'll wait with that for a bit though.


After Daniel P. returned home, Daniel F. made a business trip as well, to the Variety buffet.


It's not a huge money maker, but it does have a good side: after serving the food on the buffet(s) and leaving our employee Don to tidy up, Daniel doesn't really need to do anything, as the business just about runs itself, and he's free to chat on the phone with potential dates.

Well, he's almost free to do that, as every now and then someone stirs up trouble. Sorry Vidcund, you're Daniel's friend, but if you're going to be a pest he's going to ask you to leave. And with the reporter of all sims.

This reporter truly is a nice guy. Even while grrring at Vidcund, he still gave our business a good review!

Back at home, Daniel F. was taking advantage of his brand new spanking gold flower arrangement badge and making a few snapdragons. Those make a nice selling article, plus it doesn't hurt to have a few at home too.

In the evening, it was time for Donte's birthday. Only the family were around this time, we've got enough going on without a party.


Another teenager in the neighborhood, coming right up!

There he is, all grown up. Looking good, Donte, are you up for a trip to Walmart yet in the evening?
Donte: "Sure, why not."

So to Walmart it was, and several piles of clothes were purchased.

Also, in Donte's opinion the cashier girl was pretty cute.

He was able to chat to her politely, while the grownups were less well-behaved. Don't you look all innocent to me, Olive, I saw what you did!
The second awkward couple of the 'hood were Bianca and Patricio Monty, who were too closely related (while not technically at all related in this 'hood) for comfort, so some friends zoning was in order. I'll spare you the evidence.

Here's Donte after his makeover. It's not a huge change, I could have kept him in what he grew up in, but it was more of a matter of principle this time.
Donte rolled Knowledge/Romance for his aspiration, and he's most attracted to logical, fat females who aren't servoes.

That night, I was pondering about what business to get the Fortunatos next, and when I checked the 'hood's situation, I realized that the Trollson uglacy already opened a flower store. Yeah, I totally forgot. So, I want something different for the Fortunatos, and I sold the flowes in Daniel F.'s inventory, except for the snapdragons, which I scattered in the house. Because those are useful, of course.

After that, I decided that they can now afford more sun panels, and added ten more on the roof. We won't see the added money before next week, but I'm looking forward to seeing what the surplus looks like then.

Another day, another chess match! The siblings got to bond over a game to raise their fun before school.

Meanwhile, Daniel F. got to tend the garden, and he gained a bronze badge.

After the kids went to school, he headed to the Walmart to see about his date prospects.

Lazlo, who is on Daniel's to-date list, was present, but unfortunately he wouldn't agree to the date even despite what I thought was a high relationship score.

Yeah, yeah, rub it in his face you two. It seems that our TPC has an unplanned affair going on.

Bianca Monty, however, did agree to a date, but there was something odd about it. I kept wondering and wondering why Daniel's 20th first date want wouldn't fullfill, nor would he get a first date memory.


Perhaps Daniel was upset about that, as every now and the his mean streak took over before I got to interrupt.

Regardless, it was a pretty good date. Only after it completed I realized what was going on with the unfullfilled want: it wasn't their first date. I did check Daniel's "already dated" list, but only when I re-checked it I realized that Bianca was already on there. Well that was a great waste of time. At least it didn't happen on the home lot.


I suppose the trip wasn't entirely useless, as we met a couple new sims too.

When he got home, Daniel F. immediately left again, this time to get a car alarm installed, because those are way useful.

Another day, another painting for Daniel P.

Donte brought Melody Tinker home from school, and the two of them got along well, over a nice grilled cheese sandwich made by Daniel F. how else. Melody may have a kind of a bad reputation among simmers, but in Lakewood she's played nice (and is actually dating one of the young ladies in the Curious OFB).

But then, it seems that Consort here gives me all the trouble I could ever need. Dammit Consort.
... and don't tell him, but I still kind of like him.

Donte was on gardening duty that afternoon and gained a bronze badge.

Meanwhile, Melody found something else to do.

Daniel F. made a pretty quick trip to Variety Buffet, to boost the finances a bit and perhaps have time for a couple phone calls while the customers ate.

This is when I realized that it's more profitable, by a lot, to keep restocking the pizza buffet than the regular buffet. This is because while the money the customers pay for the food is in the same range for both, the restock cost of pizza is 40 simoleans and restocking the buffet is 300. Okay, the regular buffet has more servings, but still. And at least in the lower ranks, the more servings just meant that the food would go bad before the customers got to eat it.

Back at home, Daniel P. and the kids spent some of the eveing watching tv together.

At some point though, Daniel P. left the kids to it and went to gather newly grown tomatoes and sell them. In the process, he gained a bronze talent badge in gardening.

Melody was apparently so caught up in painting that she actually finished the painting. We naturally sold it, for like 8 simoleans or something such. Well, thanks Melody.

She and Donte spent some time chatting in the yard, and it seems they kept coming along nicely.

The next morning, which was Saturday, I decided that the time was ripe for another business. The family had the money, and Daniel F. had already reached level 10 with the buffet, which was never a huge moneymaker. So, I went off to build something, and Daniel F. got to make the phone call.

Welcome to Furniturize, the 11th community lot business in Lakewood!

As you may have guessed, it's a furniture store.

We have a selection of fine furniture for the living and dining rooms...

... a separate section for lamps...


... and upstairs we have furniture for studies and bedrooms.


Of course, there's a small employee break room as well.

As usual, the reporter was among our first customers, and this time he was also the one to award us the star to get to level 1.

He also did some more awarding, as that's what he does. Thank you, Nice Reporter, we can always count on you!
Nice Reporter: "All in a day's work, ma'am."


Despite some minor scruples, overall we had a nice, productive session at the business.



Daniel F. got to socialize on his breaks, and he also learned a lot about both restocking and running the cash register. Oh, and I think he's pretty happy, too, it's just that he was remembering how his family was burgled.

After a quick pit stop at home, Daniel F. headed out again, because those first dates are not going to have themselves. His first date #20 was with Jodie Larson. They have no boltage.

I'm not sure if the date went great, at least for Jodie, who was pickpocketed.

She did seem to enjoy arcade games though.

Daniel F. was a bit distracted. With no matchmaker available 50 first dates seems to lead to a lot more romance than I'm used to with this LTW.

Well, in any case, the date was pretty nice already because it was the twentieth and Daniel had the want. Unfortunately he can't resist his coding and tries to kiss his dates goodbye even when that's not really in the cards relationship-wise.


Daniel dropped by at his new business again, and it seems it was a good session both for business (made it to rank three) and for Daniel's reputation.

I'm not sure what Jodie thinks about that, as she showed up to drop off a thank you flower for the date, but seemed to change her mind and walked back off the lot with the flower still in her hand.

The Daniels had a quick aspiration boosting date before it was time for Daniel P. to head out and take care of his business. There's a lot of community lot stuff going on, as Daniel F. is almost and elder, and to think of it, Daniel P. isn't that far behind.

That was a good session too, and Daniel P.'s art gallery is now level 7.

There was a minor incident where Bonita Curious thought she was being funny, but I don't think Lola Singles appreciated it.


But overall, it was a good session with lots of learning too. Ophelia earned herself another raise.

The day fit yet one quick pit stop at home, or rather, a switch. Daniel P. came home to take care of his needs, while Daniel F. got ready to go out again. But not before he left his dream date bouquet out for Daniel P. Of course, due to the nature of this challenge, it was promptly sold.

Daniel F. headed out for one more date that day. Date #21 was with Florence Delarosa, again with no bolts at all.

The date was perhaps a bit unconventional, starting with talk about grilled cheese. Daniel was happy that she'd listen.

Florence, though, seemed to find Darren more interesting than Daniel.

But gossipping was fun in any case.

All in all, not too bad. And Florence had enough relationship with Daniel that she didn't get upset with his coding.

After that, it was finally time to go home for the night and check the mail. It was the usual.

As were the evening activities of the household.

Morning saw another session at It's Art. We gained another level, making it to level 8. Notice how Daniel F.'s efforts at the flower bench are contributing to the wellbeing of our employees too?

Daniel P. earned... well I don't remember, but it was a lot of money. As you can see, he was quite happy about that.

It also seems that things continue to be happy for the neighboring OWBC, the Curious family.


Outside of business, the Daniels did their usual things: Daniel P. painted (seems he's into clowns lately), and Daniel F. chatted on the phone.

Afterwards, it was time to head back home, and the Daniels found a good way to relax.

As for the younger generation, I spotted Reina Capp from the Capp DITFT on our porch, reading the newspaper. Hi Reina, would you like to come inside?

Reina did, and she and Dora enjoyed a game of chess together, and made best friends in the process.

But really, I had a little bit of an ulterior motive in inviting Reina in. Yes Donte, I know you find her pretty, talk to her!

Well, he did, once his little sister gave him the chance, and the two of them got along well. Turns out they have two lightning bolts.

It wasn't really a big surprise that they soon shared their first kiss. Reina even scored big aspiration points for it.

Well, I approve. They are pretty cute together, aren't they?

Daniel F.'s elder birthday is tonight, so we squeezed in one more date before that. His first date #22 was Oberon Summerdream, with zero bolts.

Unsavory Charlatan: "Would you consider being pickpocketed for the sake of my finances?"
Oberon: "Hmm, I'll have to think about that."

Overall, both parties were kind of distracted at least part of the date.

But regardless, it was pretty nice.

Back at home, things were a little more romantic for Donte and Reina, who had a mutual crush before too long.

When Reina was doing something else, Donte took the chance and gained his 8th logic skill point. That makes for a scholarship, although I'm undecided on whether he'll go to college or not. If he's heir, he can't, as per the rules of the challenge, but he'd probably like to. I guess it depends also on how Dora's aspiration and stuff turns out when she turns teen.

Well, as for Dora's aspiration, I suppose we're about to find out! It's a double birthday, as Dora becomes a teenager and Daniel F. an elder. Both are getting cake, but there's no party, as there's been enough going on this week as it is.


With the family and Reina in attendance, Dora blew out the candles and twirled and sparkled.

And there she is as a teen! The outfit clashes with her hair, but fortunately we'll take care of that soon enough.

After that, Daniel F. gets a turn too.


Much the same way, he gets older too.

Not bad Daniel. Actually, even the outfit could me much worse, but we'll find something that suits you a bit better.

Here's Dora after her makeover. She's still cute, isn't she?
Dora: "Thanks, although I'm not a little kid anymore."
You can still be cute though.
Dora rolled Fortune/Romance for her aspirations. She's bi, and her turn ons are Facial hair and Fitness, and her turn off is Fatness.

Here's Daniel F. He's still the same old Daniel, only the looks are new. You're pretty cute too, Daniel.
Daniel F.: "Thanks, I guess."

Well, it's Monday morning and there's about a half a day left of the rotation. The Daniels head out for another session at It's Art.

It seems that this one is a better moneymaker than the buffet in general, and at least Nina bought a lot of art.

Daniel F. was a little distracted, but luckily Daniel P. wasn't upset about it.

Back at home, the mail was the same old same old.


After the kids got home from school, the rest of the time left was spent socializing both in person and on the phone.

So, we'll leave the kids on the couch as Daniel F. pays the taxes, and finally wrap the week up. All that's left are the scores, and they are as follows.
The BaCC:

Playable sims: 26
SM: 14
Population: 364

Households: 7


CAS sims: 3 placed / 20 + 1 (for Furniturize) = 21 earned

Community lots: 10 + 1 (Furniturize) businesses + 1 free = 12


Lakewood Recreation Center (Lizzie Davidson, level 10)
Yummy! (Regan Capp, level 9)
Curious Gadgets (Pascal Curious, level 10)
Variety Buffet (Daniel Fortunato, level 10)
Face the Music (Ajay Davidson, level 3)
Better Dressed Sims (Jenny Capp, level 1)
Club Flamingo (Nervous Curious, level 6)
It's Art (Daniel Pleasant, level 8)
Pretty Pretty Flowers (William Trollson, level 4)
The Dance District (Lizzie Davidson, level 5)
Furniturize (Daniel Fortunato, level 3)

Other community lots:

Lakewood Walmart (general store)


Business: Unlocked! / 1 taken (William Trollson, level 5)
Medical: Unlocked!
Architecture: 2 openings / 1 taken (Jenny Capp, level 8)
Culinary: 1 opening / 1 taken (Brandi Broke, level 4)
Criminal: 1 opening / 1 taken (Regan Capp, level 6)
Music: Unlocked! / 1 taken (Ajay Davidson, level 7)
Slacker: 1 opening / 1 taken (Bella Goth, level 5)
Education: 1 opening / 0 taken
Artist: 1 opening / 0 taken
Dance: 1 opening / 1 taken (Lizzie Davidson, level 4)
Law Enforcement: 1 opening / 0 taken

Business Tycoons: 1 (Ajay Davidson)

Universities: 1 (privately funded, founded by Lizzie Davidson)
Business Districts: 1
Downtown: no

Fires: 2
Burglaries: 3
Electrocutions: 2

Taxes collected from this household: 83,500*0.05 + 50,000*0.05 (for level 10 business) + 40,000*0.05 (for level 8 business) + 15,000*0.05 (for level 3 business) = 9,400 simoleans*

Taxes collected total: 105,300 + 9,400 = 114,700 simoleans at 5% rate

* I round both the net worths and the results so as to make calculations and keeping track of payments easier.

The Pure Entrepreneur challenge

74,071 + 67,141 (for Variety Buffet) + 58,669 (for It's Art) + 46,546 (for Furniturize) = 246,427 simoleans

So that's all for this time, next up in the week are the Brokes with their TPC. Thanks for reading and I hope you'll join us again next time. Until then, happy simming!

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It's interesting to see that Charlatan in action. I banned him a long time ago and forgot that strange animation he does. That flower pot with the snapdragons is enormous! I'd forgotten that, too. And now the originals are getting old - makes me feel old myself.


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