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Hello, and welcome back to Lakewood! This is week 4, part 2, and it's time for the Capp family. They're the first generation of a DITFT challenge, so there's a lot of farming.

In fact, when we get back to the family, it's harvest season, so it's a real family effort to get all the plants to thriving and then harvest then. Regan, the foundress of this challenge, has a gold talent badge, so she gets to talk to the plants, while her wife and two daughters help with the harvesting.


Regan still had work that night, so after she'd done her part on making the plants thrive, she snuck off to study some mechanical.


Sorry, Regan, we didn't quite have time to skill you enough for a promotion!

Regan: *sigh* "Well, it's alright. We'll get there."


Reese and Reina were pretty hungry after all that work *ahem* I mean all the fun in the garden.


Monday evening was pretty short, and soon it was already Tuesday morning and time to teach little Reina to study.


Before school the girls got to *ahem* have more fun in the garden.


While the girls were at school, the parents were free for some adult stuff. ACR kicked in, but also I tried helping them a bit. The goals for this generation include having a girl and a boy, so we're still missing a boy.


Reina's studying paid off, as she got her first A+.


Reese, who's almost a teenager now, got some phone time after school.


Meanwhile, her little sister had fun in the garden, and gained her bronze badge while she was at it. Yes, maintaining this size of a garden is definitely a lot of work.


Jenny is still in charge of packing the produce into crates. And I'm in charge of shuffling the stuff between different inventories, and that's some work too.



Reina showed interest in studying, so she got to do that, while Reese got to take her turn (and earn her bronze badge, too) in the garden.


Regan has still been too busy with the gardenwork to skill for promotions, but she did have some luck. With some skillful getaway driving, she was able to gain a much needed mechanical skill point today at work.


Jenny's career in Architecture has basically been hold, because she's been the one to carry the babies, and well, the garden and her own clothing store have taken time too. In the morning though, she got a little bit of time to work on her creativity skill.


Not for long, as it was time to get back to the produce station.


Oh, and she needed to fish too. There's one more optional goal that we can do this generation, and that's catching all different kinds of fish. So Jenny was in a hurry to do some fishing before winter comes and the pond freezes.


Speaking of goals, Jenny and Regan still need that boy.


And Regan needs more creativity for work, but Reese needs fun, and that trumps everything, because she's about to become a teenager.


Some final skilling to prepare while her younger sister takes a nap, and Reese is all ready to go.



As is the whole family. Let's see how she turns out!


Well, Reese is still pretty. The outfit could be worse, but we're still getting her a new one. Are you up for a trip to Walmart yet, Reese?

Reese: "Sure!"


Here she is after her makeover. Quite nice, eh?

Oh and stats. Reese rolled Grilled cheese / Pleasure for her aspiration, she's straight (in Lakewood, really?) and likes Grey hair and Hats but not Werewolves so much. Oh, for now her aspiration is Family, as we need to work the machine to make her into her True Aspiration.


Regan had to rush to work right after Reese's teening, but it paid off: she got a promotion!


Of course, that didn't mean that the farmhouse didn't need some fixing in the middle of the night when she got home.



The next morning, Jenny continued her fishing operation. She gained her bronze badge, and also caught something.


Well if you have to ask the question I bet you know the answer, Jenny.

Jenny: "Yeah, and it's nice, I like kids. Only the nausea isn't so great."



It seems the kids brought some friends home from school today: Aaron Davidson from the founding family (legacy) and Dora Fortunato from the resident Pure Entrepreneur challenge.


Seems like they ended up mostly entertaining each other though.


A surprise to exactly no one: yes, Jenny is pregnant.


It was also time to get Reese into her true aspiration, but her aspiration meter was still in high gold after the birthday. Regan got to help with that.


Reese: "Mooooom, whaaaat aaaareee youuu dooooiiing?"

Regan: "I have to say, this is surprisingly fun."


Like so. Feels much better to have Reese in the correct aspiration that she's supposed to be.


Reese: "Ah, I make the BEST grilled cheese sandwiches!"


Well, you didn't burn the house, and it seems even the guests are eating them happily, so they can't be all bad at least.



After a late lunch or early dinner, the kids actually had time to socialize with their school bus friends a bit.


Not for long though. Reese was behind on homework, so after a bit of fun she had to get to that.


After that, more fun in the garden. Ahem. Lots of fun, yes.


Meanwhile, Jenny still worked on her fishing. And had a little bit of a hard time with that. All those somersaults can't be great for the baby...


Well, catching something is always nice, isn't it?


Jenny was too pregnant to do business (yeah, when isn't she pregnant?), but Regan went to run the grocery store again. The thing is, though, it's gotten too big for her to run by herself, so we hired Lazlo Curious to help.



Regan is an expert saleswoman of course, as here evidenced by Pascal Curious and the town's lovely reporter.


And Lazlo WOULD be practicing the cash register if SOMEONE wasn't standing in the way!


Regardless, the reporter liked us. Actually, checking back, the reporter already liked us. Twice for this business. It's really best of the best of the best. Of the best.


Well no wonder. Who could resist a grocery store where you can also pillow fight?


Who cares if the cashier is a bit inexperienced an the queues are long. Pillow fights!


Besides, Lazlo is clearly capable of learning stuff. Excellent! Let's head back, Regan, there's stuff to do back at home.




There we find the girls working on their skills and making friends. I do try to make Reese skill some, and work out so that she wouldn't gain a huge amount of weight from all the cheese. Although, I'm not sure how useful that'll be, for scholarships at least.

The college doesn't accept students who don't want to go, and as she's a Grilled Cheese sim, it's unlikely that she'd roll the want. After playing so long so that each and every sim goes to college the thought of not doing so feels odd. On the other hand, it feels refreshing too. I still don't know for sure how I'll deal with college in the rotation. Especially if not all my teens go, and some households are forbidden from using elixir.


Jenny gets bigger again. One more day, and maybe we'll get that boy?


Reese does seem to have some ambitions when it comes to studying, but that only extends to cooking skill points.


Meanwhile, Reina makes friends with Ariel Capp over the chess board. At least I think that's Ariel.


Being pregnant constantly is getting to Jenny I think. It's pretty tough in this household, with all the gardening and fishing needed.


Luckily, the kids are helpful in the former.


And Regan is helpful in the latter. We still need to catch every type of fish this generation for the points, and my personal rule for that is that the relevant generation has to do it, but it can be either the heir or the spouse, or a combination of efforts. So both Regan and Jenny get to fish whenever they have time.


You can probably guess who helps with the cooking. Volunteers to, even. And who prefers to eat something else. (Hint: the latter is "everyone else".)


Hooray, Reina is nice enough to talk about grilled cheese!



As Regan is not pregnant, she did another quick trip to Yummy!, where nothing that interesting happened. Outside of Lazlo gaining his silver badge on the cash register. Well done Lazlo!


Life went on as normal. It seems Reese and the neighboring Legacy family's young heiress, Lauren Davidson, are becoming quite fast friends. Lauren called Reese to chat.


For Jenny, there was more fishing to be done.


And for Regan, more jumping on the trampolin, because those body skill points aren't going to earn themselves.

Regan: "Whee! *giggle giggle*"


Reina is still there, too. She likes to sneak in her sister's room and play with the garage.


Thank goodness for Reese! While everyone else is busy, she takes care that the family doesn't starve.


And well, she gets to play ball with a stranger while she's at it.


When Reese gets back home, it's finally time for Jenny to have the third baby of the family. Maybe that boy this time? Please?


Apparently also Cornwall was interested enough in his canonical spouse's non-canon life that he came to see the baby for himself.


And he isn't the only one who doesn't understand what a "bad time" is. Not now, Hobby Leader!


Regardless of any and all distractions, Jenny did have the baby anyway.

Yes, it's another girl. *sigh* Because what else would the game do when the rules call for a boy?


Well, it happens. In any case, the family as well as Cornwall were excited to meet the new baby. She was named Riley.


She also promptly got some nice, warm clothes.



Being big sisters now, Reese and Reina took up some responsibilities, seeing that their mothers were busy with their usual ones. Like fishing and painting (for promotion skills).


And *ahem* taking care of the grocery store.


There's a lot to do, with customers who can't find groceries in the grocery store.


And ones who just love to complain about the cashier even though he's doing a perfectly fine job. I've lost count of how many times I've said "dammit Consort" in this BaCC.


Jenny is mostly too busy to pack the veggies any more, so Reese helps with that.


Little Reina isn't actually all that little anymore. She enjoys hogging the household phone and chatting with her friends, and she's close to her teen birthday already.


Jenny has been working hard on the fishing, and now she's gained her silver badge.


Regan is working hard, too, of course.


Because the customers just love being confused in the least convenient place possible, usually behind the cashier's counter, we're trying fencing the counter off so that Lazlo could possibly work in peace. We'll see if that works.


Well, in any case the customers still like the store. We're now at level 9!


And Lazlo is an observant employee, he's gotten quite good at the till by now.


But no, the fencing off the cashier doesn't help a whole lot. Hey, you two! That gate was locked!


Anyway, the session was a success, so good job Lazlo! Now you can head home, we'll take care of some stuff yet.



Namely now that we've got some veggies of each kind, we can put them for sale and set the prices at "cheap". That way, the store can get useful even if we're not currently playing it. And it's legacy legal, too.


We pop by at home quickly so that the girls can plant some more veggies for us. Not every kind because it's an insane amount of work and we already earned the point for growing all kinds.


After that, it's the girls' turn to head out. Reina has her birthday today, and she needs some fullfillable wants. Reese is happy to help her little sister out.


It seems Reina wanted a memory of the time that she was still a kid. Well, who am I to say no.


When the girls are back from the Walmart, it's time for Reina's birthday. Just a small celebration with the family.



All ready to grow up!


And there she is. Looking good, Reina!

Reina: "Yeah, it's alright. The outfit has to go, though."

Agreed. Good thing you were just out with Reese. And I totally forgot about clothes shopping. Let's make a quick trip, then.


One quick trip to Walmart later, here's Reina after her teenage makeover. She rolled Knowledge/Romance for her aspiration. She randomized straight, her turn ons are Brown hair and Jewellery, and her turn off is Gray hair.


Jenny and Regan finished the evening with some fishing and some body skill, respectively.


Actually, the two of them aren't doing half bad for the fishing task. I checked out inventories and found that they've already got a boot, a largemouth bass and a jumbo largemouth bass, a blue catfish and the jumbo variant of that too, plus a rainbow trout. According to The Sims Wiki, they're only missing the jumbo rainbow trout and the golden trout. Maybe they can yet get those two points!


It seems someone else likes those fish, too. The next morning, when the girls got an announcement that it was snow day, I heard a funny noise. It took me a bit to locate the source, but it turned out to be the penguin, desperately trying to jump high enough to catch the fish from the wall. He came in repeatedly during the day, too.


The girls spent the morning of their snow day at different games.


Meanwhile, their mothers had something else in mind.

I'd been feeling conflicted about this. On the one hand, the two of them already have three kids, which is plenty enough. On the other hand, the rules do say that the first generation should have a girl as well as a boy, and it's an obligatory goal, meaning I'll lose points if I don't do it. So in the end, I decided they can try one more time, and I had to help them, as with three kids, they wouldn't be likely to try on their own anymore. Even ACR is more reasonable there than I am, apparently.

You can guess where this is going, right?


Because of course, the game decided to demonstrate its sense of humor. These two wouldn't really need another kid, so what does the game do when I have a moment of weakness? Well makes them pregnant with twins of course.


As the girls had a day off, they headed out for a bit, to bond with each other and meet new sims. For a change, we headed to the community center run by the founding family, the Davidsons.


It didn't seem that there were a lot of sims of the girls' own age there, though.


So it was back to the usual approach, the Walmart, where the clientele was perhaps a bit more diverse.


Not that it always went great, mind you.


While the girls were busy getting to know the local teens and playing pinball, it seems that Florence Delarosa and Chester Gieke had their own fun.


The girls met one particularly interesting young man, Puck Summerdream. They both had boltage for him, so we'll see if there's trouble in the horizon.


But that remains to be seen next week, because this rotation is almost done. As the girls headed home, it was time for Regan to go to work one last time. She hasn't made great progress towards her LTW this week, but well, she's been otherwise busy and productive.


Thank goodness for the teenagers, who can help with younger siblings. Reese and Reina have done a good job with little Riley.


Reina just managed to snatch that 8th logic skill point before the clock hit six. Go Reina! With Reese and Reina skilling, little Riley sleeping, Regan working and Jenny paying the taxes, I suppose we can officially declare the week finished. So here come the scores.

The BaCC:

Playable sims: 25 + 1 (Riley) = 26
SM: 14
Population: 364

Households: 7

CAS sims: 3 placed / 20 earned

Community lots: 10 businesses + 1 free = 11


Lakewood Recreation Center (Lizzie Davidson, level 10)
Yummy! (Regan Capp, level 9)
Curious Gadgets (Pascal Curious, level 10)
Variety Buffet (Daniel Fortunato, level 10)
Face the Music (Ajay Davidson, level 3)
Better Dressed Sims (Jenny Capp, level 1)
Club Flamingo (Nervous Curious, level 4)
It's Art (Daniel Pleasant, level 6)
Pretty Pretty Flowers (William Trollson, level 4)
The Dance District (Lizzie Davidson, level 5)

Other community lots:

Lakewood Walmart (general store)


Business: Unlocked! / 1 taken (William Trollson, level 5)
Medical: Unlocked!
Architecture: 2 openings / 1 taken (Jenny Capp, level 8)
Culinary: 1 opening / 1 taken (Brandi Broke, level 4)
Criminal: 1 opening / 1 taken (Regan Capp, level 6)
Music: Unlocked! / 1 taken (Ajay Davidson, level 7)
Slacker: 1 opening / 1 taken (Bella Goth, level 5)
Education: 1 opening / 0 taken
Artist: 1 opening / 0 taken
Dance: 1 opening / 1 taken (Lizzie Davidson, level 4)

Business Tycoons: 1 (Ajay Davidson)

Universities: 1 (privately funded, founded by Lizzie Davidson)
Business Districts: 1
Downtown: no

Fires: 2
Burglaries: 2
Electrocutions: 2

Taxes collected from this household: 67,500*0.05 + 45,000*0.05 (for level 9 business) + 5,000*0.05 (for level 1 business) = 5,900 simoleans*

Taxes collected total: 87,000 + 5,900 = 92,900 simoleans at 5% rate

* I round both the net worths and the results so as to make calculations and keeping track of payments easier.



Points before the week: 7
New points: none this week

Total: 7


So that was that for the Capp family. Next in rotation we have the Curious family OWBC, I hope you'll join us then. Thanks for reading, and until next time, happy simming!

Date: 2017-05-26 07:18 pm (UTC)
beanstalk_sims: (Default)
From: [personal profile] beanstalk_sims
They had a busy week! They're a lovely little family. Of course your game would give you twins :D

I mistook Aaron for Ajay and wondered how your kids had managed to bring back an adult from school!

As for university and rotations, everyone has a different method, I think. I don't have any shorter semester hacks, so I play 2 years of uni = 1 season in the main 'hood. In order to keep everyone in line age-wise, I try to send them when they have around 10 days left of being a teen, as that roughly equals two seasons. It's not a perfect system, by any means - teens going to uni get hardly any time at home, for instance - but it's a method that works well for me.

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skyburned: Woman in the rain (Default)
From: [personal profile] skyburned
Hope next time they have that boy. The house is getting pretty full but the children are all so cute I'm sure two more (twins!!) will be a wonderful addition.


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