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Week 4, Part 2 )
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Week3, Part 6 )
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Week 3, Part 2 )
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Week 1, Part 2 )
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This listing includes all the chapters of the ongoing Sims 2 challenge, Lakewood: Just a BaCC. This is a Build a City Challenge with multiple side-challenges and Maxis premade sims as its townies. This challenge is not intended to be a plotty story, but rather simply gameplay documentation and a relaxed, observational distraction from my plottier works.

The challenge is a work in progress, as is this index.

Week 1
Davidson | Capp | Curious | Fortunato

Week 2
Davidson | Capp | Curious | Fortunato | Broke

Week 3
Davidson | Capp | Curious | Fortunato | Broke | Goth | Trollson

Week 4
Davidson | Capp | Curious

Side challenges played in the neighborhood:

Legacy challenge
Differences in the Family Tree
Officially Wacky Boolprop Challenge
Pure Entrepreneur challenge
Trailer Park Challenge

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